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04-17-2008, 03:08 AM

Originally Posted by Orodreth View Post
Omg!!! ^-^ I want to get my brother one of those now!

Forgot to reply to this.

Here is the price list:

Jacket - 15,350 yen (16,850 for XL size)
Blouse - 3000 yen (3300 for XL size) - must buy at least 2
Shorts or skirt - 7000 yen (7700 for XL size) - must buy at least 2
Smock - 1800 yen (not pictured)
Hat - 3400 yen
Backpack - 4800 yen
Indoor shoes - 1900 yen
Gym uniform top - 3200 yen
Gym uniform bottom - 2800 yen
Gym uniform hat - 950 yen
Uniform undershirt, pack of 3 - 1600 yen

Plus all the other bits and pieces, I would say we spent around 250000 yen on preparations for kindergarten. Plus, of course, the time I spent making countless necessary items (for example, the water bottle container+strap in the picture.)

If you really want a set, I`d be happy to order it for you. :P

ETA: 150000 on stuff, 100000 on entrance fees, etc.

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