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05-31-2008, 06:41 PM

Hi Danyuuru, I would like to make sure what you meant,

1)そして僕は一年半にかい日本語をべ ん強してあんまり難しくないです。
I have been learning Japanese for 1.5 year and find it's not difficult.

2)そしてちょっと漢字を知り舞う。あんま り楽しくないから。

and I don't know many Kanji, since learning Kanji isn't fun.

3)兎に角もっと日本語を習わなければ 来年日本に行きません。僕に助けてください!

anyway, I have to study more otherwise I won't be able to go to Japan,
so help me!

Am I right???

If you can put hiragana next to Kanji, it will help other readers who don't know those Kanjis yet.

kylie Mole Rules I miss her !!!!

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