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06-23-2008, 10:57 PM

Originally Posted by Payne222 View Post
Thanks! But there's one problem...
I don't have the money to do the following:
- Go on vacation to Germany and Japan. Maybe I can go to Lincoln Square (full of Germans) and Mitsuwa (Japanese mall thing) here around Chicago. But there's no way in Hell I could afford the vacations, hotels, flight, visas, etc. For going to 2 countries AND THEN paying for college. I wish I could, though.
I say to stick to one that you choose. If you feel more of a connection to Germany, and feel that you would rather study there (It looks like it was your first choice) I would say to go for it.
If you`d prefer Japan after doing the research, then it`s the right path to take. It is a choice only you can make.
I personally wouldn`t hang around "ethnic" spots, as they very very rarely reflect real culture. More just showing the bits which sell to the US audience. Base your view around that and you`ll be in for a big shock when you visit the real country.

- As for what Nyororin said about getting my Japanese better...
Well, I'm in Japanese classes now, so I'm working on it. But couldn't I go to the American University in Tokyo for a year or two, and by living there for two years I would gain freakin' immense language skill and then try to transfer into a Japanese school?
I guess I didn`t write it clearly, but I was suggesting a Japanese language course in Japan. They usually have links to various universities to smooth the entrance process.
I personally would strongly advise against the American university route if you can avoid it. It would be an incredible waste. The goal at those sort of universities is "US immersion" - 9 times out of 10, 24 hour campus life in 100% English in a simulated US environment. Great for English learners and military kids who want to be anywhere other than in another country... But NOT for anyone who wants to learn about Japanese culture or the Japanese language. Their courses are in English, identical to the courses you would take in the US.

Totally defeats the purpose of studying abroad, in my opinion.

Plus, and again this is totally my personal view, Tokyo is a real waste of chances in Japan. Everyone I know who seems to end up hating Japan did so after living in Tokyo, surrounded by (bitter) foreigners.
If you only have one chance at studying abroad, I say make the best of it and head somewhere else where you`ll be pushed into experiencing as much of Japan as you can.

Make the move!
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