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06-26-2008, 07:52 PM

Some country names are VERY different in Greek! Read and see what I mean!

England -- Aglia
Germany -- Germania
Netherlands-- Olandia
Hungary -- Ungaria
Sweden -- Suidia
Denmark -- Dania
Finland -- Finlandia
Iceland -- Islandia
Czech republic-- Tsehia
United States -- I.P.A. (Inomenes Polities tis Amerikis)
America -- Americi
Japan -- Iaponia
China -- Kina
Poland -- Polonia
France -- Gallia
Greece -- Ellada
Italy -- Italia
Spain -- Ispania
Austria -- Afstria
Switzerland -- Elvetia
Turkey -- Turkia
Russia -- Rossia

Well, I can't think of a rule why they're named like this... (I just suck at philological lessons)
Many letters are different too. The greek alphabet does not have many similarities with the English one. Some letters like "b" and "d" need 2 greek letters. (Sorry if you don't understand me... I'm not good at explaining...) Do you want me to post the Greek alphabet too explaining the letters? (I know, I'll be getting off topic but if anyone wants...)
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