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08-09-2008, 09:54 AM

Originally Posted by Tenchu View Post
Yeah, I am just whining. Most people dont see the difference. It is subtle, like the difference between Germans and Scotts, but it is there, and obvious most times. Yet some people can get lost in generalization.
It`s okay. I think you just misunderstood me. I wasn`t trying to lump all east Asian appearances together, and I can almost always pick out when someone isn`t Japanese. But there are enough Japanese who are at the ends of the scale that in almost all cases, a half Japanese half other-Asian child wouldn`t be obvious.

This topic came up because 1 in 30 having a foreign parent doesn`t mean that it will give a more varied, international appearance to Japan... As most of the foreign parents are from other east Asian countries - so the children will blend in perfectly if they`ve been raised here.

The being raised here is an important point, as there are a lot of Chinese/Koreans who could easily pass as Japanese by appearance - but who are completely unable to due to fashion, mannerisms, etc. They dress and just move differently.

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