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08-10-2008, 10:19 AM

Originally Posted by Eidrib View Post
Thanks for your warmhearted reply... but in Japan, once you quit a job, it's extremely difficult to get another one. If something happens to my hubby (in hospital, die of illness or accident) I must be able to support our children financially and I can't do this without continuing my job. So there we go, that's another one in my list of problems... I'm so confused.
Ok. Look. At first, your husband should look for another job, if his one is dangerous! And then you should quit your job. And believe me, it is best so. here it is the same, hard to get a good job, if you quitted yours, but not impossible, and believe me, you wont need one. Your children and your housework are your job now. And why should your husband not earn enough money? My mother did not give up her job when i was born, she continued. And when i was born, she did not keep me, she put me for 2 weeks in such a box, with all the other babies. And my father stayed at home for me 3 years then. And thats why i will never have such a strong connection to her. So, do not do this mistake, and also keep your baby by your side, if it is born. My mother did not do this, because she needed her sleep she said. Wrong!!! So, listen. If you wanna know more about how everything evolved in my family, feel free to ask. I will tell you. No problem.

Japan, I come next year!! wohooo!!

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