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08-10-2008, 01:04 PM

This is rather odd.

- A sixteen year old giving an eighteen year old advice about parenting.
- A sixteen year old and Eighteen year old thinking about marrying the current person they are with and also thinking about parenthood.
- Apparently, children only kill their mothers in Japan.

Here's some of my advice, coming from a seventeen year old boy. Take it how you want to.

1: You both have a long way to grow up before you become parents or get married. You should finish the more important things in life before starting a family. Like fully becoming an adult. It's abit early.

2: A sixteen year old cannot give proper advice on being a mother.

3: Children killing their parents happen everywhere. Not just in Japan.

Now for the advice.

I'm not a father, nor am I a mother. And I don't plan to be one until I'm in my late twenties. But the key to being a good mother or father is this: .

Saw nothing there? That's because there is no special way on how to be a good parent. It's not a strategy game, nor is there some special cheat that'll tell you how to do it.

Being a parent isn't easy. You have to weigh your beliefs against your partner, and come to an agreement between you two. Then you have to be attuned to your childs needs.

IT all depends on you. Your personality. Your appearance. Your beliefs.

Now stop worrying about such things at that age and live your life.
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