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09-03-2008, 04:16 PM

We'll, I don't know to be honest. America has done alot of things, things that many of it's citizens arn't aware about, and it isn't because we're ignorant or don't care, but the media with all its biasness can only do so much before you fail to recognize the truth even if it stares you in the face. I for one, am very skeptical about what I read in the newspaper or the tv. People have a million and one agendas both on the stage and off the record.

As a general consensus though, I think or would like to think that the majority of Americans have grown dispositional towards our government. I have, I feel that the last 7 odd years have been full of a failed administration trying to make up for mistakes from day one. This isn't to say that the principals behind America is shameful, just the embodiment that has now portrayed the face of American democracy is. I am, of our current administration. Because basically they lied, about a truckload of stuff, maybe I'm a conspiricay theorist but the last couple of years have all transpired events that have either helped the Arabic friends George Bush has or George Bush. I have no proof duh, but I just feel that way and if in the future we look back and see that it was so, then yes I would be very ashamed. But then again it's not like I did anything to help stop it. During the second time that George Bush ran for president, it's not like I went out and rallied against him. No, I stayed at home and had popcorn with orange juice and watched as he was elected yet again. But it's not like one person was responsible for everything, maybe the mastermind but not directly churning the gears. I think as an American, America is something to be proud of but not at this moment.