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09-14-2008, 11:11 PM

Originally Posted by ThirdSight View Post
Not necessarily manga, but graphic novels. That's fine enough for me, otherwise that asile of the bookstore would be filled with nothing but either overweight guys sitting on the floor or skinny otaku-extrodinares standing reading manga for hours on end, never buying anything.

Just like at Borders.
Now what boggles me is that why doesn't this happen at Barnes and Nobles?

Actually, just the other day, I made my friend pose and I took a picture of this boy in grade school in the background, who goes to Borders EVERY DAY and read. It's hilarious.

I can't concentrate on reading manga in my Borders. My friends are annoying, and I'm a very slow manga reader... I've been reading manga for years, but I just can't read them as quick as a normal novel.

Thanks for reading!
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