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Sitting! - 10-12-2008, 07:37 AM

Hey here's a question. Does anyone here find it sort of painful to try to sit on your ankles... like formal Japanese style... I dunno how else to really describe it but you guys should know :3. Well anyway I find it hard to sit like that and I can't seem to get use to it ( almost feels like im gonna break my legs or de attach my knee from my fibula and femur when I do :O) and at the Dojo I go to ( well I currently don't go there for I don't have the money to continue learning Kenpo) at the beginning of and at the end of class we sit like this and it just is painful >.<. Anyone know what I can do to condition my legs or how long it might take before it get easier from repeated practice?

Wasn't sure on where to put a question on sitting so I put it here in the General.
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