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10-29-2008, 04:28 PM

Oh, perfect, there's a topic where I can really help x3 ...uhm... or I think so xDD

Well, about tabs... I agree with LittleFallenAngel, the best tool is Guitar Pro, and if you use it with RSE (realistic sound engine) its.... wonderful xD I have a lot of tabs, mainly Gazette songs. But the thing is that is really really difficult to tab bands like Gazette, because they're so... well, it's hard to explain xDD so many of the tabs are... .-. nothing.

I'm a guitar player, and my point of view is that is not possible to really learn playing guitar with this kind of music xD well, there are songs and songs, ones harder than others, but it's a bit... advanced, you know.

Anyway, if I have some of the tabs requested I will post it >w< and I'll help anyone who needs help learning playing guitar : D

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