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11-26-2008, 02:03 AM

okay now that I've caught up.

I guess like everyone says here your summery makes the characters seem weak. You could name the one girl Yuri if you want but you'll have to be really careful on how you write it.

If you're setting it in Japan a better question would be "Do you live here"
Because nothing is more difficult then writing from a point of view you do not have (woman) about a topic you don't understand (homosexuality) and then basing it in a country you've never been to (Japan)
(Man you like to bite off more than you can chew huh?)

Different regions of Japan will have different opinions of Lesbianism. Different families will have different views and different schools will have different opinions.

Some of my students I would THINK they were lesbians because girls here can be a lot more touchy feely with eachother than in North America. It's perfectly acceptable to see two girls holding hands while walking down the street up until they're 18. (After that it's generally frowend on for Anyone to be holding hands.)PDA for anyone around here is generally not looked favorably upon, but if two girls walk into a love hotel or a capsul hotel, no one cares. Two girls take a trip togeather, no one cares. Two girls move in togeather, no one cares.
Sure if they don't "Come out of the closet" their parents will start hassling them to get married once they hit 30 but once they get over the 40 bump their parents will leave them to their "strange spinster life" none the wiser believing them too old for marrage now.

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