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Aikido: The Art of Defence - 01-08-2009, 09:15 PM

Okay after a quick search, a few inbound pm's to myself and a quick Q&A with a mod I've opened this thread for one very simple reason. Aikido.
Warning - Long opening post

I know that there are a few of us on here. I know that some people have taken an interest in the art as well (the joys of PM's ). What I want is a place on this forum for us to come together, talk about our techniques, our training and our experiences in studying Aikido. Sort of like one of them 'clans' or 'groups' things you see around the place.

So please post here about who you are, where you train, what grade your at, which techniques you have problems with/ love doing.

A few things though:
1: This is a pro-Aikido thread. Dont expect anything other than a very biased veiw for the art.
2: Please dont post or ask 'which is better, Aikido or *insert Martial Art here*. There is no good answer and people will just end up arguing. If Aikido works for you, brilliant. If it doesnt, thats also fine. But please dont come here and post that Aikidoka would get beaten or 'pwned'. Its not clever.
3: That being said, if you do have questions please post. Just remember this is a discussion about Aikido and its followers.

A few video links for you all:
Aikido Promotional Video - A video made by the son of our Sensei. These are some of the people I train with.
Aikido Demonstration - A video demonstrating Aikido in a one-on-one situation.
Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba - The current head of Aikido. This was taken a few years ago in Germany.

And finally (never thought we'd get here). My names Lee, I've been studying Aikido for littloe over 18 months now. Grade: 4th Kyu, should be taking my 3rd Kyu grading in the next few months. If we get enough people interested I may make a banner for us.
Nice to meet you all/

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