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The Chat Thread! - 01-17-2009, 10:47 PM


This is THE Chat Thread, as promised

Rules of this thread are simple:

the same old forum rules apply, so do not spam or flame other users

Instigators of fights, insults, flame wars or bickering will be given some time off.

this is a place for you all to chatter about what's on your mind, how your day has been etc...
it is to help us to control the sheer amount of threads on the forum.

Please be aware that this thread will be cleared out once a week; this means that this post alone will stay up; all others will be removed and y'all can start again

the reason? it's to promote the proper use of discussion on the boards... so if you're feeling random, you don't have to hijack some one else's thread to rant about whatever

it's also to discourage the recent "top poster" culture that seems to have sprung up.. Top poster does not equal the best, nor the most useful poster...

Posts meant to demean other posters or undermine The Chat Thread may not only be deleted but the poster might see more serious sanctions.

Please do not use profanity, but if you feel the need, use ***.

No profanity. No n-words. No sex talk.

-~Moddess ~-

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