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01-21-2009, 01:03 AM

I think the reason Japan attracts so many weirdos is because things weirdos like which are considered tabboo in the west are acceptable in Japan.

There is no fetish Japanese pornography and hentai does not produce en masse. Costume parlors and maid cafes are booming businesses, where in America people would be too shy to even peek in.

You have bikini cabarets, lingerie pubs, new-half bars and no-pan shabu shabu. All legitimate and legal businesses. No fear of police or mafia intervention.

What it boils down to is that it is OK to be the sexual freak that you are there.

In the West it is beleived if you cater to a fetish, you only make it grow stronger, where in Japan the opposite is true. If you can satisfy a fetish (albeit artificially) then you can keep it at bay.

Japan is not a society based in Christian guilt, where you are supposed to ask God's forgiveness for thinking your neighbor's wife is hot. In Japan you pray for a raise or to get into a good school or whatever cool stuff you want.

You can say the OP wasn't asking about porn and the sex industry, but the majority of what he is asking about boils down to sex. The bottom line is sex isn't dirty in Japan, and that's what makes it attractive for ALL kinds of people.
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