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01-21-2009, 02:32 AM

Originally Posted by ante View Post
So if I like the music, the movies, the art, the litterature, the fashion, etc. Produced by Japanese people of today, I don't like the "real" Japan?
We're not talking about that.

And we're not trying to prove that "we love Japan more than you you and you." I don't even "love Japan" - no one who hasn't lived in Japan can claim that they do.

The problem is, people say they "love Japan", when really they're trying to say "I love anime, manga, Visual Kei and Harajuku fashion" - it's almost always these four, and they always say they "love Japan".

That Japan has a modern, accessible culture, that is different from the culture of other parts of the world. Something that you questioned at the start of the thread.
So you started this because of a simple misunderstanding. That's alright.

I'm just saying that many people act as if Japan is sooooo strange and different. The reality is that Japan is no stranger or more different than any other country in this world - there are just dull people who believe that it is.

Let's get back to the original point - why does Japan attract such freaks and weirdos with an obsessive following?

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