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02-06-2009, 04:40 AM

I think it mostly boils down to stereotypes; when you embrace them as an all-encompassing overview you do ANY culture a great disservice.

Anime, mangas, etc. are a part of Japanese culture (or pop culture, however you choose to distinguish), but by no means represent the fingerprint of an entire nation. I'm sure that there are some Japanese folks that hate mangas or j-pop lol, every individual is different, no matter what country you're in.

I think that the "wierdos" latch on to the stereotypes and create a false reality for themseleves. A place where their "wierd" vices are embraced and even celebrated, while in their native countries or nationalities they'd be ostracized. To generalize, I'd say it's one bigass coping mechanism. Can't say I blame them, as humans we (most of us anyways) want to feel connected and accepted. Some people would go through pretty hefty lengths to feel that they belong, even if it's a big fat illusion. Not saying that I agree or would do the same, but I do understand...

There's more to Germany than beer and nazis. There's more to China than pandas and The Great Wall. And there's damn sure more to Japan than video games and cosplay. To think otherwise is a graaaaave misconception.

I think it's sad that some feel the need to adopt a totally different culture because they feel like such an outsider within their own. But, I'm an advocate of "to each his/her own", and as long as they aren't causing harm to anyone (i.e. pedophelia) I say that whatever culture or pop culture anyone gravitates to is their own business, even if I don't agree with the reasoning behind it.

Obviously this is just my surface-level opinion and everyone's personal beleifs are different. I'd never mean to pigeon-hole anyone for what they like, my apologies if it comes across that way. Also, forgive me for any typos lol. :shrugs: <3

Love more. Hate less.
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