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03-10-2009, 02:31 AM

Originally Posted by Bureda View Post
Well, I'd like to say "I appreciate you have your own opinion" but piss to that.

You're an imbecile and that wont help your case. You come in this thread with your 'humble' opinion and post a pointless post.

Now, let's see. During the course of this community there have been many pointless threads on how to approach a partner. People asking for advice over the simplest of problems.

Now if you bothered to read the threads laying about on this forum you would understand that my post is not some Psychological 101, self help, serious post.

It contains elements of a good nature, I point out to people that in most cases people hold their own future and that they can change. Now, if you cannot comprehend the simple logic behind that then in all honesty, and my most humblest opinion, you're a retard who needs help.

I' the person who's serious here is you, can't even comprehend light humour.
Well obviously i'm not going to read the past threads as i really don't care for anyone on this community. I'm here to talk to the people that are currently active posters.

Damn right that's "simple" logic...glad you haven't tried to rid yourself of the simpleton tag.

You came across all high and mighty, all that was missing was a white horse. Light humour or not. In addition, you're a retard you couldn't see the humour in my post.

I will leave your thread, i'm not looking to e-argue.
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