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03-10-2009, 01:09 PM

Originally Posted by Yazoo View Post
Well obviously i'm not going to read the past threads as i really don't care for anyone on this community. I'm here to talk to the people that are currently active posters.

Damn right that's "simple" logic...glad you haven't tried to rid yourself of the simpleton tag.

You came across all high and mighty, all that was missing was a white horse. Light humour or not. In addition, you're a retard you couldn't see the humour in my post.

I will leave your thread, i'm not looking to e-argue.
You're one delusional kid. Your parents did not give you enough love. You're here to talk? Come now, have you looked at the way you respond to people.

The simpleton is you, the e-thug is you. Then again, someone like you, with the head so far up their anus would never be able to tell the difference from delusional stupidity en par to reality.

There's humour in your post? You're just one angry individual who seeks attention by being a pest to others.

You should argue and you should respond, because after all, you started this.

Originally Posted by Ronin4hire View Post
Bureda's advice is sound...

But only applies to losers and idiots who see things in terms of conquest.
Nobody is a looser. See, nobody is below you. Some people are shy and at times the right words might spark some curiosity.
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