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Originally Posted by Sitron View Post
I just started learning Japanese and frequent Japanese boards like /jp/ on - what I've noticed is that unlike France or Germany, Japanese culture attract really, really weird foreign people.
Don't mistake me, I love Japanese culture. But all the pedophiles, cartoon nerds, lonely bitter misogynists, racists that think that the Japanese are some kind of super-race, and freaks who want to become Japanese almost made me learn Spanish instead.

Why do you think that Japanese culture attracts the attention of so many social retards, nerds, pedophiles, NEETs, and freaks in general?
What a confused and distressing thread this has turned into.
Mostly not even addrssing the initial post.
I could spend a month going through this but there's little point since many ppl have already dug in and wouldn't hear anyway.

Sitron, its unfortunate that you hda such a negative experience but I dont think its definitive. I can understand why you hate paedophiles, racists and similar but why do you group nerds with them. Sure they can be annoying but thats a bit far isnt it? Perhaps you didnt mean it that way?

Personally I dont think Japanese Culture attracts more of these undesirables than other cultures. You might argue a case for the nerds. perhaps, but nt the others. I dont know if you're still interested in an opinion since this thread has been so hijacked, but if so... just say.

As implied I dont thikn its worth going through all of this to point out the mistakes but I do have questions for the posters.

Out of curiosity who among the posters here have lived in Japan?
Who have even been to Japan and how often?
Who have Japanese friends there?

I just wonder because it appears a lot of comments are made as if they are fact when rather they have very little actual support in reality.

Also, a slightly more controversial question if you please.
As love is an emotion how is it for anyone to tell others what criteria they must meet before they are allowed to sy they love something?

For the record I was lead here from a Jp related blog,
I have lived there, I have been more times than I can count, I have many friends there mostly native Japanese.

ps - Okay I wasnt going to comment on all the fallacies but I cant resist this one. There are a significant number of people in Japan and other Asian countries who are equally obsessed with countries such as USA and Britain as vice versa. There are so many reasons for the obsessions in both directions how could one possibly cover them with sweeping statements?

I cant, can you?
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