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04-29-2009, 12:57 PM

Originally Posted by YuriTokoro View Post
Koir, thanks for correcting my English as always!
Was my post too serious? I’ve tried to sound light, but I seem to have failed.
No worries. I was just detailing how the media seems to want everyone to think every time something like this comes up. It's like the evil side of modern convince people they need what you have, you first have to convince them they have a problem only you can solve.

You think “we're all gonna die”, I see. One of my friends said it’s a kind of doom.
Yes. But it's largely a media-created sign of doom, compared to its real effect. Just keeping yourself clean and healthy is all you can do.

Actually, I will resort to every possible means to survive even if it’s useless resistance, but I often eat fast-food.
Agreed. And I'll be thinking about that when I'm eating at Burger King after my last exam today

May I write what you wrote in my blog? Your opinion will be very good with my post.
Sure, Yuri-san. Have a great day!

Fortunately, there is one woman in this world who can control me.

Unfortunately for you, she is not here.

"Ride for ruin, and the world ended!"
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