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05-28-2009, 01:02 PM

Originally Posted by solemnclockwork View Post

What type of statement is that? Scientists have motives for asking you to believe, same can be said for others. Even then if the information and evidence is there what good does it do to have an "motive"?

I do believe everyone does something for an reason, this I don't see what your trying to say here.

Like for me, I present the case against evolution because I clearly believe that the "theory" is not what the scientists would have you believe. My motive would be for people to ask and look at both sides.

I believe the main point here I'm trying to make regardless of bias, motive, whatnots etc. you look at the information provided then judge if it's worthy.
Cool! I'll let you know that I still side with the scientific community.

The links you posted earlier only reveal some of the opinions held in the scientific community regarding Ida rather than an argument against evolution.

Oh and something about the reliability of carbon dating... Which was from a website which was completely biased.