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Originally Posted by ShinjukuEki View Post
I'm not sure why that would happen, but I'm looking at it to see if I can find anything.

Is anyone else reading this thread having similar problems (pages not loading after you click on them)?

If you have any more info on this, or if it keeps happening, please repy again with any additional info you might have.

Thanks for the report.
It seems every time I log in I"m not able to view some topics, but when I log out everything is fine. I also checked with internet explorer and it is doing the same thing.

Two new posts I'm not able to view when logged in.

Moral and logical decisions.
what anime would you wanna live in ??

I am able to view this pages when logged in.
New~! but not fresh outta my momma's tummy hahah lol

Japanese Unknown Hat Brand Help Please!
juuzoh minazuki

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