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06-16-2009, 06:42 PM

Originally Posted by RKitagawa View Post
TICKS! oh man, I didn't even know there were any in Canada. I live down in Toronto though, so I'm far away from any real dangerous bugs. But yeah, Lyme's disease is pretty terrible, and those bugs are so small, you might not even notice it until it's too late.
You won't encounter any of them in downtown Toronto.

However, they're everywhere out here in the mountains. I went out this past weekend and my 2 partners and I counted about 8 ticks all over us. One of my friends had one embedded in his upper leg.

I'd happily take a hornet bite over a tick bite. The hornet bite will hurt a lot more but at least it won't lead to a rash of illnesses over the following weeks/months/years.
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