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Name: Adam
Coming to you from: Sweden, im actually not far from the arctic circle!
First Breath: July/4/198x (yes, same as first poster, not sure bout the x tho)
intentions and whatnot: Im basically interested in the japanese culture, also attempting to learn the language inbetween my uni-studies. Im planning to go there as soon as i have enough money, which will most likely be in the summer of 2011. Was just hoping to get some inside info here to prepare myself mentally (and physically if thats necessary!) and de-romanticize my current image of Japan.
why do you want to go to japan: I can't deny having read a few mangas and seen a few animes, but that wouldn't be the reason I want to go there. I would just like to try out the japanese atmosphere for a while, see if it really is such a culture shock that many others have said. Would also be nice to see if people over there understands even a word of my self-taught japanese.
...And! Of course, I would like to cross off asia on my parts-of-the-world-visited-list.

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