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09-08-2009, 04:32 PM

Originally Posted by Ronin4hire View Post
Interesting and well thought out insight.

Personally, in principle at least... I think France are the ones on the right track when it comes to assimilation. Their aggressive brand of secularism and their take on modern liberalism is the most rational in my opinion.

American secularism and ideas of multi-culturalism are too passive in my opinion. It's created deep fractures in American society and while it's certainly not perfect in France. From what I understand, the nationalist discourse is not as controversial and polarizing in France as it is in the US.

Agreed as to the difference, though I am not so sure France does it all that much better. In the past they used to be able to just hide it better than in the U.S., where everything seems to be made a media event.

American multi-culturalism is too passive because it is hog-tied by overly emotional people that refuse to allow a separate secular life for anyone. The principal of secularism is a theory which seems to continues failing here despite all efforts to abide and respect it.

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