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Well, thats prolly more to do with people not being able to stand other people. Honestly, family reunions can be a PIA and thats with people closely related to us. Can you imagine how it is with people who are different culturally and ethnically?

Here's a strange might be hotwired into us for somereason. The guy who created the TV show Babylon 5 did an exsperiment with his extras through one season. He had noticed that extras made up as Narns would hang out with other "Narns". It was the same with the Menbari, the Drasi and on down the line.

So he would swap people out, he would take someone who had been "Menbari" for months and make them up as a "Narn". That now newly made up "Narn", immediately went to hang out with other Narns, this despite the fact they didn't know any "narn" and all thier friends were Menbari. He couldn't explain this behavior, but found it interesting.
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