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09-20-2009, 12:25 AM

Name: Kaitlin
Coming to you from: Tennessee
First Breath: 03/01/1992
Why do you want to go to Japan: I have a love for the culture and language, and I want to study over there. I also want to visit Japan to see what it's really like because no matter what you read on the internet, you can only make honest opinions about a place through your own experiences, not other people's. I may not like Japan once I'm over there; I may love it and possibly want to live there. However, I won't know until I actually visit.
A little about me: Just a 17-year old girl who has a strange fascination with Japan and its culture. I'm a senior in high school (woot!) and am graduating in May. I've already picked my college, and I plan to major in biochemistry and minor in Japanese (strange combination, huh?). I really enjoy learning (gasp!) and want to become a pharmacist or some kind of engineer. Anyways I found this forum randomly one day, and decided to join because not that many people in my area have the same interests as me... I really enjoy Japanese music, however I'm not really into anime or manga. Just not my type of entertainment. I would like to meet people on here for the common reason many other people joined for probably. This is getting kind of long, so that's my "about me" paragraph.
One more thing, I like to type a lot of smilies.
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