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something - 10-03-2009, 05:11 PM

Originally Posted by MMM View Post
I think you are delusional.

If you wanted to read the story in Japanese, then we would be talking, but when ask for it in a "Japanese accent" we are getting into dangerous waters. In Japan a "Japanese accent" in English is the same thing as "a bad English speaker".

I am not going to use the "r" word, but I were in the room and saw a non-Japanese reading something in a "Japanese accent" I would walk out of the room.
OK, I think I need justify my point a little bit further. First, I'm doing this only for an academic purpose, which is to better my ability to adapt to different languages. And how is the existance of "japanese accent" wrong, when a considerable number of people around the world are busy learning a british or french accent? Are the French speaking english poorly? or the scottish cannot speak english properly? or russell peters is only discriminating his own people when he use an indian accent in his acts? Accents only indicate one's origin and should mean nothing else. it does not mean that one is a bad english speaker when speaking with an accent.
Correct me if I'm wrong
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