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Originally Posted by MMM View Post
1) There is no academic value in learning a "Japanese accent"

2) In the US speaking in a "Japanese accent" is a little like putting on black face and speaking in ebonics. It is offensive.

3) You see British actors learning American accents and American actors learning European accents, but in this day and age you do not see American or European actors speaking in Japanese or Chinese accents. Why? Because it would be offensive.

Whether or not accents should only indicate place or origin, when you are talking about an essentially homogeneous society from an island country like Japan it is different and you are getting into racial issues.

There is no right way or good way for a non-Japanese to imitate a "Japanese accent". There is no pride in Japan for a "Japanese accent" in English like there is in England for an "English accent". Japanese who try to learn English well try to speak without an Japanese accent, so by using one it is demeaning.

I am not calling you a racist, I am just saying this is a very bad idea.
and btw, try to argue the russell peters case, are they the similar situation?
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