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12-22-2009, 03:17 AM

Originally Posted by greenteajunkie View Post
I'm actually getting musch better with the hair and eyes, yay! but backgrounds still intimidate me... i mean, really, wtfudge am i supposed to put in the background, i'm much too lazy to draw buildings, trees, etc. Also coloring finished art... grrrrrrrr I'm stuck with rose art colored pencils (me=cheap ) and have trouble making it look clean and crisp with them. I need copic or phtoshop... but, again, soooo pricey.
Haha now that I look back on this thread I can only laugh in mortification. Sure hands and feet are difficult to draw... but my main problem is being too damn lazy to even DRAW. PERIOD. Now I have like 40 COPIC markers, 2 paint sets, and Corel Painter 11... that's what happens when you grow up and get a job... I can't believe I posted this thread like a year + ago. It's funny.

Plus... I can never really seem to think of anything to draw. I have no inspiration these days. I have to do some kind of digital painting for an school art competition this week, and I'm totally clueless.

Perhaps stars fall, just as the rain

Until they burn on a windowpane

The grief of loss no written place

It is simply painted, on my face.
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