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02-08-2010, 02:38 PM

Hello yumyumtimtam!

I will, a bit late, give my version of the two questions you originally asked.

For us in Sweden, when we learn English in school (obligatory here in Sweden) we learn to abbrevieate the Weekdays with THREE letters all the way.

So a Swede would write Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun in English.

The oysterstory was very interesting but since Sweden is not a big oyster/mussels-eating country, I had never heard of it.

For us oysters are more of a delicasy rather then everyday food. The "finer people" eat them.

Shellfish such as shrimps and crayfish are much more common and eaten a lot.
We even have a crayfish celebration where we gather around, some have fished their own crayfish and have a feedingfrenzy and tend to get as drunk as possible!

Yeah, we moslty use the crayfish party for an excuse to get extremely drunk!
I personally think only our midsummerfestvial is the only day where we actually get even more drunk.

Sometimes I think the russians learned their alcohol-habits from us swedes...

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