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hiya - 02-08-2010, 02:49 PM

Originally Posted by Koir View Post
Hm. On a basic level, a constant payday is better than a one-time payout. Still, that isn't a very nice thing for the customers to do.
Yes, you are right!

Originally Posted by Columbine View Post
Oysters have a lot of minerals in them that are hard to get from other things, like zinc (亜鉛) and selenium (セレニウム). They're quite good for you!
I see.
I didn't believe the doctor but he was right too!
He was a doctor but joking too much... so I didn't take it seriously.

You can probably only get New Zealand Green Lip mussels in Japan (ミドリイガイ属). Ours are small and black; more like this:
and they have a mild, creamy taste. I like to steam them with a little wine and olive oil, and eat them with nothing but some bread. Like sakemushi clams!
Do you like seafood much, yumyum?
Thank you for all the information!

When I get shellfish, I freez them first.

Yes,I like seafood. I like seavegetable (seaweed) a lot!
Do you know nori(a kind of seavegetable) columbine-san?

Wow, that's mean. On the other hand, the supermarket should have just been honest that it sold bad oysters.
Yeah...when I heard this story... I was not happy... cos I like none of them.
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