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Reviews of Japanese Instructional Sites - 03-17-2010, 02:38 AM

MMM and Nyororin had a great idea for a thread, and it builds off (in a more productive and positive way) from the last thread on a similar topic.

Let's have a thread where we review sites that purport to teach Japanese! This way, if people have questions about what sites to use to supplement their learning, they can come check here for the good, middling, and bad.

Ground Rule(s)/Guideline(s):
1. DO say why you think a site is good or bad.
2. DO NOT just say "this site rawks" or "turrible site."
(more to be added as we think of them)

Remember, the goal here is to be honest and unbiased in our reviews.

I'll start off in the next day with a review of and try to make amends for my incendiary comments about it by being a bit more fair and constructive in my criticism. I may do a review of Tae Kim after that unless someone else does it first. I think it's only fitting that our #1 go-to site gets reviewed soon.

Even if you don't want to review a site, perhaps suggest it in the thread, and I can add it to the list of sites to review!

REVIEWED SITES (click to go to review) (thanks, MMM!) (thanks, Columbine and BenBullock!) and see Nyororin's followup
Core 6000: Mastering Intermediate Japanese (thanks, DriXnaK!)

Sites to Review
123japanese dot com
Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

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