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03-27-2010, 03:50 PM

Originally Posted by lself View Post
I'm sad that Jay left... but I still support 2pm. And the Hottest are being complete idiots and I am totally disgusted at their behavior. Also, JYPE should reveal what this "other thing" is that Jay supposedly did during Again and Again promotions. They are worried that it would hurt 2pm's reputation, but they already look bad now, which is also partly due to the Hottest behavior.. urghh!
I feel the same.
Ugh. really.
This is part of what changed my way of thinking. I am not like the HOTTEST who act that way(and can we really call them HOTTEST, really?).

I don't care to be in any way associated with people like that.

I think it should be revealed also.

(I'm sorry this reply is late)

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