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03-28-2010, 02:39 AM

To add to what has been said - the important questions are ones you need to ask yourself.
Am I learning? Am I happy with my learning pace?
If you can answer yes to both of those, then you have a good method going.

Really, the "best method" is so incredibly different from person to person that I don`t believe anyone can really tell you if it`s going to work for you. You can get great advice on ways to improve something you do know is working, and great resources to make use of... But figuring out what works for you is really going to come down to trial and error.

I learned Japanese with a handful of phrases, substitution of words into those phrases, and a pocket sketchbook. I never studied with a book, I never gave a single thought to any "plan". I just tried my hardest to talk to people and when I didn`t know a word - I would describe to the best of my ability, point, gesture, and scribble tiny drawings of such thing or situation.
Worked for me, but I most definitely wouldn`t recommend the same strategy to anyone else out there.

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