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04-05-2007, 05:03 PM

Originally Posted by Rikku777 View Post
Dang had to say that didn't had to spoil it...... *sob* I felt like crying, it was gone..... all gone......... thats what I get for being a loser and trying to finish the other animes I was watching first..... Now I'm depressed today......I think I'll......ask my dad to order me all the Death Note stuff he can find. That sounds good...HEY, then I'll be able to watch the movie!!!!
Sorry, sorry! I thought it'd cheer you up by putting the image in your head, you know, since you think L's all that >_<"

Thanks! ^^ Someone gave it to me Oh that reminds me, I still hv to shake his hand till it drops XD

There's no such thing as happy endings, for when you find true love, happiness is everlasting.
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