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08-04-2010, 04:37 PM

Originally Posted by Sashimister View Post
Just a few things that I can tell without using almost no speculation:

1. The signature stamp matches the first name of the receiver of the postcard. His name is Aoki Minoru (family name first).

2. The sender of the postcard, Kawamura Tamiji, would have to be this person.
川村多実二 - Wikipedia
This person lived 1883-1964 and he was president of Kyoto City ollege of Fine Arts 1957-63.

3. The number 16 on the cancellation stamp is not the year, but the date in the Japanese word order. It's April 16. The year is hard to read. One can see "4" clearly but it looks like there was another numeral before it. Whatever this number for the year is, it would be the Japanese year, not the last two digits of a Western year.

If it is 34 of the Showa Era, then it actually matches 1959.

God dammit Sashim, gib me your knowledge nao! I need more books, moa boox. I must say, this is my fav. English speaking forum. One can learn a lot.
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