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04-06-2007, 06:56 AM

Originally Posted by CoolNard View Post
QN: Even if you knew someone was gonna murder your family? A mastermind of an evil organization which kills baby animals for pure entertainment and no one is able to stop him due to lack of evidence? There're a lot of people out there wprse than Kira, that i can assure you. Frankly speaking, I'd not hesitate to kill anyone of them if i got the chance.

Kuro: Can you kill a shinigami O.o"?
yes you can kill a shinigami XD you make it fall in love with a human

i never said what Kira was doing is all bad Have you ever seen the movie the Boondock Saints? they do the same thing as kira. I belive what they were doing was just doing what most people would have done. im just saying i wouldnt be able to if the person was going to murder my family ok i would kill him but so would everyone else... he's going to kill your family O.o self defence!

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