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Originally Posted by StonerPenguin View Post
I'm only 19 so maybe some of the older folks have heard of it. This is just from my experience.
Thanks.Your answer is exactly what I wanted.According to the wiki article related to this matter,this slang is known mainly in the American South.Maybe where you live .The older folks are important for Nintendo.Imagine,their children or grandchildren say, " I want pocket monster for Christmas. " when the older folks think pocket monster means P.

Originally Posted by CoolNard View Post
"I think my pocket monster is 'evolving'!"
haha.That's the point.
"I love pocket monster.I want more and more" from girls surprise their parents and teachers.From boys...another surprise.

Thanks for your reply.I'm Japanese and of course I know shortened form.

Sorry,I was not clear enough.In Japan ポケットモンスター has been the official name for Pokemon until now,though Nintendo uses ポケモン too.But Nintendo has not used "Pocket monster" in the English-speaking countries.
Why?Some people put the reason to the fact that "pocket monster" is a slang for P.

related article.
毎日新聞問題の情報集積wiki - ポケモンの意味は勃起した男性器だった!!

As I said above,I don't think you guys know the truth.Here,I just want to know the major premises is correct or not ."Pocket monster" is a slang for penis?

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