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Originally Posted by MissMisa View Post
No, it's not slang for penis. I've certainly never heard anyone use it, including the older generation.

This is probably just a silly rumour.

They probably just used 'Pokemon' in English because it's more catchy, easy to remember and good for branding.
But it has, and always has been called "Pokemon" in Japan, even before it jumped the borders.

Originally Posted by tsurezure View Post
Thank you for your reply.As you say,Pocket monster is not that slang in England.
I believe you.
But,if you hear that they use the slang in the US south, can you say" absolutely lie!"?
No one knows all slang because English is spoken widely.So Nintendo might avoid the suspicious word.Monster itself is not a good word for children's toy too.

I hope more replies from all over the world.Please tell where you live and answer it.

Btw,do they know that POKEMON is a shortened form of pocket monster in the English-speaking countries ?
In japan,100% children and their parents know that.
Did you read my answer above? POKEMON is what it is called in Japan. It makes MORE sense for them to call it Pocket Monster OUTSIDE of Japan that it is to call it the nonsensical POKEMON. Yes, people know Pokemon is "pocket monster".

I live in the Pacific NW, and people use the term "pocket monster" to refer to Pokemon...nothing sexual.

And there are plenty of children's goods that use the word "monster".

Monster, Inc., Monster Trucks, even the Sesame Street muppets like Elmo are called "monsters".
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