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You mean to import them as a business or for your personal use?
As a business. I'm interested in brushes and accersories for Sumi-E, and calligraphy. You see, I'm making an online shop and one of its sections will be dedictated to Oriental arts products. So Calligraphy as well as Sumi-e. Brushes, inks, paper etc. To be honest, I really don't know anything about brushes or ink, so I'm not really sure what type and size. But I want a good standard range for Sumi-e and calligraphy. Doesn't have to be Japanese, could be Chinese. But really I want them to be decent quality, by that I mean just good, not vastly expensive

Lastly, are you studying calligraphy or sumi-e? If not, it will be somewhere between very difficult to impossible for you to judge whether they are any good or not.
I'm trying to learn from a book, and am going to find a teacher. But basicly the answer is no, because I have only just started and still no nothing.

Currently, in the UK, I can only purchase chinese sets which look a bit like this one: Small Chinese Calligraphy Set, Gold Ink

I found this site, but can't read it and the translation doesnt work on the graphics, but they may sell the type of thing I'm after, do they?: 墨の美術館 < 墨について学ぶ|株式会社呉竹

I really apprecaite your help

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