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12-19-2010, 08:41 PM

Originally Posted by ryuurui View Post
Water has a deep meaning in Asia. To be like water means flexible, persistent, clear, thus pure, adjustable but powerful if needed, etc. Also it is one of the 5 elements in theory of 5 elements, be it Chinese or Japanese. Water nourishes life, and lack of it takes it away. It is the beginning and end of all things. The list goes on.
Indeed. It's really amazing that such a simple thing can be so crucial, versatile, beautiful and life-sustaining all at the same time. It certainly shows how the simplest of things can be the most important, which is knowledge I also carry with me at all times in life.

By the way, I shall be mailing you soon regarding the calligraphy. I really look forward to chat with you, despite the initial difficulty I have when it comes to describing what even this simple character I already have means to me. I really appreciate it.
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