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Alternate schools in Japan? - 12-20-2010, 06:52 PM

Yes, I'm 17 and have no plans on having kids anytime soon, but I want them one day, and I'm thinking ahead I guess.
I want to live in Japan one day... and part of living there, and wanting kids, is raising them there.
I've heard horrible things about the Japanese school system, such as the pressure put on students to pass, and I've heard about students trying so hard to fit in and suppressing their own personality and thoughts on something to do so. Like whether they know it be wrong or right or whatever, partaking in something to be "like the others".
So, my question is, are there alternate schools in Japan like there are here in the US? I know they probably would not be exactly the same, but someplace where one's individuality is encouraged, and perhaps not as pressured whilst still aiming for the best grade they can make?
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