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Originally Posted by princessmarisa View Post
As people who like Japan a bit too much tend to be towards the nerd side of the spectrum of life, I thought it best to include a guide for the most popular linux distros out there, those based on Ubuntu

Guide for Japanese input on Linuxmint (Ubuntu based OS)

Tested and working fine on linuxmint 9 Isadora, so should work fine for Ubuntu 10 Lucid Lynx

in language support
  • Install/Remove languages
  • Tick Japanese and ensure all components are marked, at the least Input Methods & extra fonts.

back on language support main tab
  • select input method ibus
  • use package manager and search for and install anthy and all reqd dependancies (or sudo apt-get install anthy)

find ibus prefrences GUI in your main prefrences menu
  • select an input method \/
  • Japanese > Anthy
  • (may need to press add)
  • in the first tab it is useful to select show icon in system tray and also set your shortcuts for enable/disable
  • default is ctl + space to switch from Japanese back to Default
  • hit close, restart and enjoy

Thank you, i actually opened this thread to ask an easy way to do it on Ubuntu, i will be doing this later.
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