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01-12-2011, 03:37 AM

I think remastered is a poor choice of words because they're making a sequel, not a recreated version of one of the original games. It also was not 'taken' by ninjatheory, Capcom intentionally gave it to them and had them move his image in a different direction I imagine for exactly this sort of reaction. If you've heard the phrase 'All publicity is good publicity' it goes along with this line of thinking. Far beyond just acknowledging the game sequel, they've gotten you to come and post your opinion and ask of others their opinion, generating discussion about the game. This is something that I feel a number of video game companies do, such as EA originally having the force opposing the US army in multiplayer being the taliban (I believe) and then changing it back to just 'The Opposition' after sufficient outcry and media coverage. I'm more concerned with how the game plays than how the character looks, so I'll wait for the final product to come out before I make some decisions and either ignore the new look or add it to the list of damning changes that were made.
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