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01-12-2011, 04:41 AM

Although I prefer Western-made games, this is just another silly case of Japanese developers trying to appeal to a Western audience; especially this generation where the West has been slowly dominating the industry.
While their attempt at revamping by handing the title over to Ninja Theory might be “well-intentioned,” all Capcom will manage to accomplish is the alienation of the original Devil May Cry fan-base. It’s a horrid move on their part and it’s already reflecting throughout gaming boards around the internet. It would have probably been more effective if Capcom announced this partnership with Ninja Theory as the foundation to a new IP, instead of a western-themed approach to the DMC lore that has already been established.

Personally, I don’t care much for the DMC series, but I empathize whole-heartedly with the disappointed fans. I would cringe if, all of a sudden, Sonic was changed into an entirely different character. Even worse, think about Mario not being Mario. The reception would not bode well for those involved.

I wonder why Capcom even decided to partner with Ninja Theory to create a prequel to a game renown for its intricate combat system. If past games from Ninja Theory have shown us anything, it’s that they’re great animators and great character model designers...story tellers even, but they’re not very effective where it counts -- in the game-play department. It seems to me that the DMC title might suffer in more ways than one unless Ninja Theory is working solely on the aesthetic aspects of the game.

Also, a side note for your general knowledge: The new Dante character design is modeled after the lead developer of the Ninja Theory team…How pretentious is that? :P

Capcom need to come to their senses and learn from the recent issues Insomniac [Edit: Sucker Punch, not Insomniac] faced with the recreation of their main character in Infamous.

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