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lols, sorry if im ever sooo late when it came to catching on ~-.-~ - 01-13-2011, 06:01 PM

well i mean the new Dante doesn't look that bad after i saw the trailer for it and everything else, it's just that he's gonna take "A LOT" of time to get used to that much Im sure of. Its just that it seems sorta weird to let a guy looking like "that" pass as a Dante :< and yeha if it is a younger version of Dante like they have been saying then yeah it seems like the right view for him like the kind of kid that's always getting in trouble and can't stay off the streets look. Also some peeps think that it was what he has looked like before he got his demonic powers and everything. When he had his long white hair it made him more cool, awesome, and mature looking, his look now looks like rebellious teen, others think that that makes him cool...well not all the much just makes him look like a bratty child that doesn't give a crap about life and screams about how it's so unfair to him.

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