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Originally Posted by koolawant View Post
Hi! Well, in the future I plan on adopting a child form china (because of the whole population problem) when I move and become settled in Japan and I wanted to know a few questions.

1. will this child be bullied?
2. Will the japanese be able to tell he/she is chinese?
3. On average in Japan how much does it cost to raise a child per year
4. Since I'll be a foreigner with most likely a PR can I still adopt? And what nationality would it be?

Thank you and please answer the questions to the best of your ability
Unless things have changed I think you have to be at least thirty and married in order to adopt a Chinese child, although I've never been involved personally in the process and so could be wrong. If there is an age-limit then you might find things more complicated, as if you move to Japan young then you'll already be settled in the country by the time you adopt this child.

I'll take 1) and 2) together. If the child is Chinese by birth then he/she will look like any Japanese person, and if you are raising this child then the child will surely learn your native tongue, and/or Japanese (depending on how long the child lives there). I think the child might be able to pass as Japanese, if there from early childhood, or at the very least will just be considered like any other foriegner. I imagine, in that respect, issues towards bullying would be the same as they would in any other circumstance with any child in any culture.

I can't answer 3) or the first of 4), but with the second half of 4) I can say I'm fairly certain that any child you adopt will be given your nationality, as by law any child by adoption is treated/considered the same as a biological child and given the same rights as one. So if you're American, then the child will be American too.

Edit: What are your reasons for adopting a child, and specifically why China (aside from the sentence you gave)? Also - may I ask - how old you are currently?

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