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Originally Posted by koolawant View Post
Hi! Well, in the future I plan on adopting a child form china (because of the whole population problem) when I move and become settled in Japan and I wanted to know a few questions.

1. will this child be bullied?
2. Will the japanese be able to tell he/she is chinese?
3. On average in Japan how much does it cost to raise a child per year
4. Since I'll be a foreigner with most likely a PR can I still adopt? And what nationality would it be?

Thank you and please answer the questions to the best of your ability
I don't understand how adopting a child helps alleviate the "population problem". Can you expand on this?

As I understand it, in recent years as China's economy expands it is getting harder and harder to adopt healthy Chinese babies.

You say "I" instead of "we" so I see another hurdle in your way. Do you plan on being married when you begin the adoption process? Is there a health reason why you want to adopt rather than have your own children?

To take a stab at your questions:

1) There is no rhyme or reason to hazing, so it is impossible to say whether or not she would be hazed. In one school she might, and in another no problem. In one class she might, but not in the classroom next door.

2) If she adopted as a baby and raised by native Japanese speakers and is given a Japanese name, she MIGHT be able to pass as ethnic Japanese.

3) No idea.

4) What is a "PR"? If you are adopting in the US, then "it" will be an American citizen. I am not sure if you can adopt into Japan. There isn't a culture of adoption in Japan like there is in the US. I don't know if they even have adoption agencies placing foreign children.
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